Wu Shu (Kung Fu)Wu Shu (Kung Fu)

Kung Fu

We offer training in the fun and exciting Chinese Martial Art known as Kung Fu or Wu Shu. We teach a mixture of Northern Shaolin Five Animals, Xing Ye, Tai Chi, and Qui Gong. In our standard group class a student will start learning Kung Fu around Brown Belt level. If a student wants to study only Kung Fu, we will teach them on a private lesson basis.

China has had a long Martial Arts history. There are over 1500 years of documented systems and over 350 in Shaolin Kung Fu alone. The Five Animal system we teach is from Northern Shaolin and consists of Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Crain and Leopard. The reason for its name is because the moves imitate or represent the animal. Each of these animals have unique techniques consisting of blocks and strikes using the hands, elbows, shoulders, head, hips, knees and feet. This Art also has hidden grappling and joint locking techniques. With diligent practice this Art is a very effective form of self defense. Many of the moves in Kung Fu are made to develop the strength and agility of your body. These exercises are often referred to as Chi Gung. Chi Gung mixes deep stance work with isometric arm and body movements to create an amazing workout. When used in conjunction with slow breathing these techniques are crucial for the development of ones health, flexibility, strength, and chi.

We also teach two internal Kung Fu systems called Tai Chi and Xing Ye. Tai Chi has become very popular in most countries. This slow moving Art is mainly looked at as a health system. While that is true, Tai Chi actually translates into English as the Grand Ultimate Fist. So it does have effective self defense properties. The other internal system “Xing Ye” which translates to Shadow or Mind Boxing works off of the principle of the five elements “Water, Metal, Wood, Fire, and Earth”. This is a very solid self defense system while still promoting good health.

If any or all of these programs interest you, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 602-485-4003. REMEMBER to be Kung-Fu is to be a master of any type of activity. So after one has mastered Wu-Shu then you might call their performance Kung-Fu. The secret or key to mastery of anything is PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE!!!