Aiki Jujitsu is a Japanese form of martial arts. There are many styles of Jujitsu however, they all can be traced back to the original Aiki Jujitsu. Where Karate uses kicks, punches and blocks for self-defense, Jujitsu uses throwing, submission holds, ground fighting, and joint locking techniques to subdue an opponent. Aiki Jujitsu is not only fun, but also an extremely versatile and effective Martial Art.

The health benefits of Jujitsu are great. Jujitsu is a full body workout with a special focus on core body strengthening. In addition to standard calisthenics, we use unique resistance training techniques. One of the hardest workouts you will ever experience is called Ne-Waza. Ne-Waza is a form of wrestling used in Jujitsu. The main difference between jujitsu and standard wrestling is that ne-waza is taken to a submission hold instead of a pin. When training in this manner your entire body will get an incredible workout.

Student safety is a priority at our dojo. One of the first things taught is to be aware of what your bodies can and cannot do. This type of awareness is crucial to having a safe training environment. We put a strong emphasis on proper and safe falling techniques. When a student knows the correct way to fall they will become more comfortable and confident with all of their Martial Arts skills. For this reason, the dojo floor is covered by 2 inch mats. We also have an additional set of 6 inch thick mats when needed.

Kate using pressure pointThe practical application of Jujitsu is amazing. You will learn how to control an opponent’s body through pressure points, nerve triggers, joint manipulation and submission holds. The throwing techniques used in the sport Judo also come from this art. By using leverage and proper control of your center, throwing an opponent much larger than yourself is made easy. In ancient Japan Aiki Jujitsu was mainly used to incapacitate an opponent. The arm, wrist, finger and leg locks were used as joint breaking techniques. Today we put a much larger emphasis on controlling an opponent instead of destroying him.

We have incorporated Jujitsu into our adult Karate classes. This will make our students well rounded martial artists whether they are on the ground or standing up.