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    Channel 12 News Interview

    Sensei Mike was recently interviewed by Channel 12 news. You can watch the video below.

    What would you give to your Martial Art

    By Shihan Mike Armstrong

    Have you ever thought about what you would sacrifice for your Martial Art? We all gladly dedicate our time, money, and personal comfort. However, what are you willing to sacrifice? This is a Question I had to answer at the age of 22. I had been in the Martial Arts for

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    Martial Arts Moves Keep Kids Safe (Arizona Parenting Magazine)

    By Chris Marek – September, 2004

    “You’re not my Dad!” screams a 6-year-old boy during his marital arts class. His instructor urges the boy to role-play with him as he grabs the boy’s arm and prods him to scream louder and louder the words, “You’re not my Dad!”

    This effective self-defense technique helps children protect

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    Karate teacher kept up martial art after losing sight (Arizona Republic)

    By Linda Helser

    Armstrong said some parents who investigate his program are “turned off” by the idea that he is blind, but most give him the benefit of the doubt, particularly after they see how articulate and caring he is with children.

    Others don’t even seem to notice his disability until told.

    “The first day

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    What Does Karate Mean to Me

    Three years ago was the first time I was ever in a Dojo. At the time I thought I was giving my son the opportunity to experience something new and challenging. What I saw were students and Sensei laughing and learning and I was intrigued that an art with such a serious reputation could be

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